Booth Scout’s pricing means that a mobile app is no longer out-of-reach for festival and show organizers.


Because Booth Scout is designed just for craft shows and art festivals, we can focus on the features that matter.


App users will love hearing about this new app that they can use before, during and after your event.



Juried photos allow shoppers to mark their favorite artists

Booth Map

Customized map allows shoppers to highlight booths

Mailing List

Just two taps to sign up for artist’s mailing list


Artist’s website is just a tap away – no need to search

Customized For Your Event

 Your Logo/Brand Image

Your Event Description

Your Festival Categories

Your Booth Map (Indoor/Outdoor)

Your Sponsor List

and more!


Booth Scout Hosting
  • Shoppers Download Booth Scout App
  • *Introductory pricing for new shows
  • Annual pricing: $4.99/booth
  • Discount available for multi-show producers
  • Shoppers make $0.99 in-app purchase
Branded App Package*
  • Shoppers Download Your App
  • *Introductory pricing for new shows
  • Annual pricing: $9.99/booth
  • Discount available for multi-show producers
  • Free download for your shoppers
  • *Available in 2018

Pricing and packages subject to change.

Hello! I’m Val Monaco, the creator of Booth Scout and a craft show & art festival attendee.  I’m passionate about presenting information in new ways to maximize usefulness and usability. I live in the great city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I look forward to giving shoppers at your event an app that will help them find artists and items that they love!

Photo Credits:

Craft show crowd. Image: Renegade Crafts Fair, Fort Mason Center by Gary Soup is licensed under CC BY 2.0. Modifications: Cropped, Color Fill Applied

“Flowers in Mason Jar Print.” Artists: Shari Escott and Cathy Strauss | Paper Cutz. Image used with permission of artist.

“Fragment” 3/4 sleeve top in browns.  Artist: Rachel Sherman | Malagueta.  Image used with permission of artist.

Images do not imply endorsement nor usage of the Booth Scout app.